La Seca City Council along with the Enoturism Office, SECAVER, organize the IX edition of the Verdejo Party, with a programme where as well as the Sarmiento Awards ceremony in the different disciplines convened, will be able to enjoy a programme open in offers of events: Live music, exhibitions of bullfighting photographs, painting exhibitions, disclosure of the local ethnography, loose of two bulls ,wine tasting, popular race, craft market, and of course, the wine fair with the presence of ten wineries from La Seca: Clavidor, Javier Sanz Viticultor, Cuatro Rayas, Teodoro Recio, Menade, Reina de Castilla, Protos, Solar de Muñosancho, 3 Pilares, Bodegas y Viñedos Mayor de Castilla. The most significant events will take place on 15th, 16th and 17th of April.

The oficial programme starts on Friday, 8th of April, at 11.00 A.M with the celebration of the blind tasting which will be determined in the honor roll of the Sarmiento Award to the best verdejo wine of 2015, in the Rueda appellation setting. The blind tasting is led by Pascual Herrera, president of the Control Board of the Cigales appellation and, in which also take part Jesús Díez de Íscar (Technical Director of the Control Board of the Rueda appellation), José Antonio Fernández Escudero (Coordinator of the ITACyL), Águeda del Val (Technical Director of the Control Board of the Cigales appellation), Carmen Rodríguez Galván (Member of the Cigales Tasting Committee), Nieves Caballero (Journalist of El Norte de Castilla, specialized in gastronomy and viticulture), Alberto de la Cruz (Sommelier of La Botica, establishment awarded with a Michelin star, in Matapozuelos) and Álvaro Cerrada (Specialist in wine and worldwide sensory tasting, Manager of Yalocatoyo).

The tasting will take place at the Control Board headquarters of the Rueda Appellation, since, a power cutoff scheduled by Iberdrola, will not allow that it take place in La Posada de las Esencias, in La Seca, as scheduled.

The second ingredient of the programmme of the Verdejo Feast will be an informative talk, on Friday 15th of April from 20.00 pm at the Cultural Hall of La Cilla, entitled “Grapes and wine in rural areas of Castilla León. The example of the Rueda Appellation”, with the intervention of Julio Fernandez Portela who is PhD in Geography and Regional Planning, professor at the University of Valladolid and researcher).

The weekend of 16th and 17th of April the most important activities will be performed, which will allow that La Seca will be seen as a village opened to the multitude of visitors expected to receive regarding the wide and multidisciplinary range of leisure and cultural activities scheduled.
Saturday 16th of April the programme of events will be the following:
From 10.00 AM, guided tour through Bodega 3 Pilares. It includes visit to the vineyards (under weather conditions) and tasting of their wines.
Another winery which will include visit is Bodega Solar de Muñosancho, through the facilities used for the elaboration and the subterranean winery with tasting of their three wines (verdejo, red and frizzante).
From 11.30 AM, the IV Popular Race Sarmiento Award MenadebySecala will be celebrated. Followed by the tasting of their natural grape juice “Destetaniños”.
From 12.30 AM, another winery which joins the scheduled visits is the subterranean winery MenadebySecala and includes guided tour, tasting of Menade Verdejo and La Burra beer, and tasting of cheese ripened in this winery itself and olives of Menade.
At 12.00 AM will be the inauguration of the Wine Fair 2016 in the Square of Spain. Sale of tickets in the marquee of the City Council: 1€/ verdejo wine from La Seca (with the purchase of five tickets, a conmemorative wineglass will be given for free). The wineries which take part are: Javier Sanz Viticultor, Cuatro Rayas, Teodoro Recio, Menade, Reina de Castilla, Protos, 3 Pilares, Pata Negra (Bodegas y Viñedos Mayor de Castilla), Clavidor and Solar de Muñosancho. All of them will offer verdejo wines from La Seca with different hues, fermentations and elaboration processes.
From that moment and as cross elements to the Wine Fair, you will be able to enjoy other activities such as: Exhibition of the Sarmiento Painting Prize 2016, in the courtyard of the City Hall of La Seca, architectural building drawn under blueprints of Ventura Rodriguez. Twenty five painters will take part in the exhibition; both illustrious names from the Valladolid painting as others coming from various regions of the country, with twenty works presented.
The festive activity will be extended also through the arcades of the environment of La Cilla and Carraventosa Street, with the craft market which will involve the arrival of some twenty craftsmen and merchants, mostly from Castilla y León.
The Cultural Hall of La Cilla will host the photography exhibition “Bull-fighting file from Castilla y León”. An exhibition belonging to the Cultural Promotion Service of the Board of Castilla y León.
A rested moment to enjoy the wine will be the led tasting of the winning wines of Sarmiento Award 2016 (to be determined by a jury in the tasting of 8th of April) by Chelo Miñana, consultant on hotel management and restoration, member of the Castilla y León Gastronomy Academy and the Association of Communication Directors Dircom. Location: inner courtyard of the City Hall, in a sensory fusion which will join the tasting of the wines with the painting exhibition. Advanced registration in the marquee of the City Council: 5€ (it includes conmemorative wineglass and a ticket to consume in the Wine fair).
In the afternoon, the atmosphere will be bullfighting and musical. To begin with, accompanying the drawer bull until its start point in Tomas Bayon St. , the parade with the Dulzaineros of La Seca, followed at 18.00, with the release of the Sarmiento Bull 2016.
Once the bull running finished, back to the Square of Spain, you can enjoy the concert “Sarmiento Folk 2016” which will include three groups: Ars Nova XIV from Seville, Divertimento Folk from Valladolid and Juan Carlos Mota and Pájaros Folk from Valencia.
Then, more music, and evening festive atmosphere with musical performance by Origin Orchestra on the stage of the Major Square.
On Sunday 17th of April, the Wine Fair will continue in time from 12.00 to 21.00 pm, and it will be complemented by other activities which will begin with the greeting of the Mayor, Gregorio Bayón Piñero and the proclamation of the Verdejo Feast 2016 by Angel Calleja, winemaker of Bodega Cuatro Rayas (La Seca). Location: Square of Spain.
In addition, the events associated with the opening speech:
Proclamation of Queen and Ladies of Verdejo 2016.
– Performance of the Folk Dance Group “Villa de La Seca”
– Awards:
Sarmiento best Verdejo Wine Award 2015 D.O Rueda
Sarmiento Folk Rock Award
Sarmiento Painting Award

Then, more music, with the performance of the winning group of Sarmiento Folk Rock Award 2016, that will be determined among the three participants in the Saturday evening concert.
During the afternoon, the bullfighting atmosphere will return to the streets of La Seca with the reléase of the II Sarmiento Bull 2016. Start from the Square of Spain and bull-running through Tomás Bayón Street.
During the whole afternoon until 21.00, you can still enjoy the Wine Fair in the Major Square.

Download the program in: http://www.laseca.ayuntamientosdevalladolid.es/?q=node/596
Source: Secaver (City Council of La Seca)