The wineries belonging to the territory of the D.O. Rueda may submit samples until April 1 and the blind tasting of the jury chaired by Pascual Herrera, president of CRDO Cigales, will be the 8th of April at La Posada de Las Esencias (La Seca).


The City Council of La Seca, from SECAVER winetourism office has closed the circle of calls of Sarmiento Awards related to Verdejo Feast 2016. After the calls of the Sarmiento Folk-Rock, and the Sarmiento Painting Prize, the stellar call of this party, dedicated to the Verdejo wine as an element of greater economic dynamism and social roots of this municipe, is the Sarmiento Award to the best Verdejo wine D.O. Rueda, of the latest vintage (2015).


Thus, as usual since the implementation of the Verdejo Feast in La Seca, the City Council wants to reward the work that everyday makes that Verdejo wines from D.O. Rueda have reached the highest level of demand in the wine sector.

The delivery of the samples, which can be three for each participating winery, depending on their brands, ends on April 1.

The awards will be presented on April 17, within the events planned for the Verdejo Feast with the delivery of the Sarmiento Awards in different disciplines. The award consists of a commemorative figure work of the artist Andrés Coello, there will also be two mentions for the second and third best wine, adding thus, the three that make the honor roll.

The jury will be headed by D. Pascual Herrera, president of the Control Board of the Cigales appellation. In addition, it will be composed of professional sommeliers, specialised journalists, technicians of CRDO Rueda, ITACyL  and CRDO Cigales, in any case, expert tasters in wine sensory analysis with proven experience. In this sense it is confirmed the presence of Jesus Diez de Iscar (Technical Director of CRDO Rueda), Nieves Caballero (Specialized journalist in the field of oenology in El Norte de Castilla), Alberto de la Cruz (Sommelier of La Botica, Matapozuelos, establishment with a Michelin star) and Alvaro Cerrada (Expert in communication, wine and social networking and promoter of The tasting will be held on the 8th of April from 11.00 AM at the Posada de las Esencias (La Seca).

The tasting procedure is the following: The bottles without the cork and the capsule will be presented to the tasters inside an opaque wrapper to dissimulate its shape and avoid  identify any elements of its labeling (strict blind tasting). The wines will be served in the presence of the tasters, at a suitable temperature and will be identified by a number that will be assigned to each sample. For the evaluation and classification of the wines a tasting card will be used. Each sample will be assigned the average score of the scores granted by each juror.


As promoter elements of the popular culture of wine, the City Council of La Seca, from SECAVER, is organising two public tastings, one of them in the own Verdejo Feast, and the other in the framework of the II Fair of winetourism of the Wine Route of Rueda in Medina del Campo, both will be duly informed. In both tastings you will be able to taste exclusively, wines that make up the list of winners.

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