Bodeboca has published an annual survey on the online buying habits of the wine consumer in Spain, according to the behavior of their own registered users.

The digital wine buyer profile has a fairly wide age range between 30 and 60 years, being mostly male (81% men). It also reflects that the inhabitants of the community of Madrid buy twice more wine than the remaining regions of the country.

The wine consumer looks for recognized brands at a right price, this means that does not care about pay more for wines of recognized prestige and quality. That is the 51% of respondents. The remaining respondents are moved more by fashion or  tips from prescribers (21%) and some of them seek to try and experience new flavors (18%). Most opt for red wine (79.6%), 15% for white wine followed by the sparkling (3.2%) and rosé (1.5%).

If we look at consumption by Appellation, 25% prefer wines from D.O. Ribera del Duero followed by the wines from D.O. Rioja, with 21% of sales. The rest are smaller sales, being the most sold in this segment, wines from Rueda, Toro and El Bierzo, in this order.

If you look at the best selling wines, the wine more valued is Vega Sicilia Valbuena 2009, followed by Pago de Carraovejas Crianza 2011, then would be wine Finca Terrerazo, a wine from D.O. Toro Victorino 2001 and close these five best wines with Arzuaga Crianza 2011.

The m-commerce is an upward trend as underscored by this report, since a 16% of users make purchases from mobile and 15% from their tablet. Mobile, too, is the query device for a 46% of respondents.

Bodeboca is an e-commerce of digital wine sales that has an extensive catalogue of wines, as well as a club that allows to offer attractive discounts.